Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Patriotic Paper Pinwheels

Happy Independence Day Week! :-)

Since the 4th is rapidly approaching, and we all have a date with ESPN at 4pm today to cheer on the US men's soccer team, we're doing a craft quickie today to celebrate the stars and stripes. :)

I think these are just what you need for you futbol viewing party today! 

Or, think about making a few of these cute pinwheels to put in your flower pots or on an adorable wreath like this for the 4th!

Ok, ready to make some fun and easy pinwheels?
Let's do it!

Thumb tack or small hole punch
Drinking straws

First, cut a square from decorative paper or card stock.  I cut a 5"x5" square, but you can play with the size.

Use the ruler to draw a straight, diagonal line from corner to corner.

Cut along the lines, stopping ~1/4" from the center.

Now, use the thumb tack or small hole punch to make a hole in the right-side corner of each of the four segments.

Make a hole in the center of the square as well.

Now, pull out your collection of brads.

What?  Everyone doesn't have a small collection of brads?  Oh.  Well, I highly recommend checking out your local craft store and starting one.

Now use the holes you made with the tack/hole punch and insert the brad.

Make a hole in a drinking straw, and push the end of the brad through the straw.  Now you can secure the "legs" of the brad, and you're done!

*You could also use a bamboo skewer instead of a straw!  Just secure the brad onto the back of the pinwheel and use hot glue or tape to attach the skewer.  This would make it easy for you to put your pinwheels in the ground, your flower pots, or even your hair.  Why not?

*Note: these pinwheels sadly won't spin in the wind, but they are still incredibly cute!  

Come on, don't deny that you're humming The Star Spangled Banner right now.
Embrace it.

GO USA!!!!!

Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!

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