Friday, July 25, 2014

Embroidery Hoop Art

Hello again!

Today, we're using the same, simple embroidery stitches to make some wall art!  The possibilities are completely endless here.  With fun fabric and incredibly inexpensive wooden hoops, you can make a lot of super fun art for very little cost and effort.  

Check out Pinterest for endless ideas and inspiration!

Like these!...

This was my inspiration this week, from some hoop art I found on Etsy:

Good.  Grief.  

Can you resist the warm, wonderful feelings from Disney's UP?  I can't.  If this doesn't make you want to cry, then we may not be able to be friends.

*Sniff.  I absolutely adore this sweet movie.  It reminds me how lucky I am to be married to an adventurous "Ellie". 

So, after wiping my tears, I looked at the "inspiration art" and thought, "I can make that!" (And for way less than $28.)

Here we go!

For hoop art, you need:

-Hoop (*Note: These wooden hoops are super cheap, but less sturdy than the plastic ones.  I would recommend doing the embroidery with the fabric secured in a plastic hoop, and then transfer it to a wooden one for display.)

-Embroidery floss/ embroidery needle

-Scrap fabric (or buttons) for balloons

-Washable fabric marker

-Sharp scissors

-Fabric glue

-Felt for backing (optional)

Ok, first, select your fabric.  I had some scrap light blue fabric, but you could also find a printed fabric to use.

Next, you need to decide on your design and use an iron transfer to get your design to the fabric or draw it directly on to the fabric.

Here is my sophisticated technique:

Yes, I hold up the fabric to the computer screen and trace.  But hey, it works!  I use a washable fabric marker.  If any blue still shows after the stitching is complete, it will come out with just a little water.  If your fabric can't be washed, use a disappearing ink fabric pen or a fabric pencil, whose lines will be more difficult to see.

Once the design is in place, get to stitching!

I used a back stitch to make the outline of the house.

I used a chain and split stitch for the words, with a small area of satin stitches in the "A" of adventure.

Side note: You can either knot your thread when you're done, or weave the ends under your other stitches.  Since this won't be worn/washed, it doesn't need super secure knots for the thread.

I used a little warm soapy water to get rid of the extra blue fabric marker, and tossed it in the dryer with a couple of towels for a few minutes.  It didn't really need it, but I gave it a quick ironing.  I also sprayed it with a little starch, since this blue fabric was really thin and wrinkled easily.

Next, I used one strand of the embroidery floss to make the balloon strings.  (I also added some clouds with a running stitch.)

Now for the balloons.... I didn't have enough beautiful buttons to make the balloons, so I pulled the scrap fabric back out the bin.  I used a nickel as my template, and cut circles from brightly-colored fabrics.

You could, of course, stitch each of these on.... but let's be real.  I used fabric glue and positioned the circles, some on top and some behind the strings.


At this point, I transferred it to the wooden hoop, pulled the fabric as tightly as I could, and cut/glued a circle of felt to cover the back.    You could also just trim the fabric and skip the backing.  

Ready to hang!  You can use the clamp on top of the hoop or glue a small loop of ribbon or fabric onto the back for hanging.

*Note: I didn't see this idea until I was done, but I'm remembering it for next time!  Cut a strip of fabric and wrap/glue it around the outer hoop for a fun framing effect.  I love this idea!

All done!  Now it's your turn!

Thanks for reading!