Friday, October 3, 2014

Paper Book Pumpkins

Hello lovely people!

So, to keep the Fall celebrating going, I decided to look for a non-perishable pumpkin craft.  

I found a really clever idea to make these paper book pumpkins....

Here is the great, easy to follow tutorial for making them from

I love this idea!  I decided to scour the attic for old books, and found some Microsoft Excel 2002 texts.... not the most interesting read, so they're obviously better suited to be pumpkins. :)

I followed her directions, but to be honest, my hands told me I had to stop before I cut through all of the pages.

I decided to make a pumpkin with a flat back by cutting through only a part of the book.  If you do this, it won't be completely round, but it will give that illusion!  If you have more endurance than I do, go for it... Maybe the pages of these computer books were just too thick.  Who knows. :)
I was content to stop here:

I tore off the remaining book pages and "fluffed" the pumpkin like the tutorial suggested.

Now it just needs a home against something flat, like the wall over the mantle!

This little half-pumpkin stands on its own really well, but I tucked one page behind that yellow frame to keep it fanned out.

Here are a few extra tips after trying this out:

-Try different size books so that you can make tall pumpkins, skinny pumpkins, short pumpkins, or whatever!

-It is definitely easier to use exacto an knife than scissors, but be warned... this takes a lot of time... you might want to do it in phases... and have snacks :)


Ok, so that's it for the week!.... And actually, for the rest of October!

I'm going to take a little blog break for the rest of this month as our schedule has exploded... (with GREAT things!)

My assignment for all of you (and myself), is to play in the leaves, drink some apple cider, visit a pumpkin patch and snuggle up with someone you love!  Enjoy October!

Thanks for reading!