Friday, June 27, 2014

Paper Potpourri

Hello all!

As I'm writing, I'm watching the US play Germany in the World Cup, so I'll go ahead and apologize for any typos....I have one eye on my computer and one eye on the tv. :)

Today we're going to look at a few small paper crafts, just to give you some ideas of easy and fun paper possibilities.  

Easy Paper Flowers

First, let's look at some quick and easy paper flowers.
All you'll need is paper, scissors and hot glue.

First, use a paper punch or scissors to cut out a circle of any size, at least 3.5-4" in diameter. (Obviously, the bigger the circle, the bigger your flower will be.) 

Next, cut a swirl from the outside of the circle towards the center.

Now, start wrapping, from the outside in, using your hot glue gun strategically to secure the paper.  I used a crochet hook to help roll the flowers and keep the glue off of my fingers. :)

After your flower is rolled, you're ready to apply it to anything you want!  Glue the flowers to bamboo skewers and make a bouquet!  Cut out some leaves too, and they become even more lovely!  I used these to embellish some personalized bunting.


Paint Chips

I never realized the possibility of paint chips until I met a few crafty friends in a small group a few years  ago. Think about it, paint chips are free, available in all colors of the rainbow, sturdy like cardstock and perfectly sized for small crafts or embellisments.  Note: I am not suggesting you clear out all of the paint chips at Home Depot. ;)  Just make use of the paint chips you grab when you're thinking about painting something, or grab a few for a specific paper project you have in mind.  ;)

Check out what Pinterest has to offer: Paint Chip Crafts

This is a sweet paper mosaic card from one of those crafty friends... what a great way to embellish a plain white card stock! 

I used some leftover paint chips to make some gift tags and to cut out some triangles (of course) for a card.

Just be creative, and the possibilities are endless!


Sewing on Paper

So, I've seen sewn paper all over the place, garlands, cards and other crafts.... some hand-sewn, some sewn with the machine.  It sounded doable.... but I decided to try it for myself this week.

Making cards is so fun for me.  I love being able to use up bits of ribbon, paper, buttons or whatever I have handy, to make something special for someone.  I also hate spending $4 on a Hallmark card. :)  Sometimes craftiness is inspired by frugality.

Anyways, check out these examples of sewn cards from Pinterest:

All you need is card stock, glue stick, sewing machine, and whatever paper/stamps/ribbon/etc. you need for your design.  

First, fold your card stock (or whatever sturdy paper you have on hand.)  I have approximately 300 leftover wedding invitations (long story), so I use these frequently for cards. :)

Next, cut out whatever you're going to use and glue it onto the card to hold it in place.

I practiced on another piece of paper, and the machine sewed beautifully.  Adjust the tension on your machine to make sure the stitches look the way you want them.

Now, go for it!  I backstitched at the end of my kite string, but I don't know if that's completely necessary for paper.  Habit. :)

Now, you're done!  Write a nice message, send it to a friend, and you're done!


Now go, grab your scissors and make something pretty with paper!  Have fun!

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  1. FUNNNN! i love what you did w the paint swatches. so cool- and easy. actually, everything in this post looks like stuff i can handle. (: thanks for sharing!