Friday, April 3, 2015

T-Shirt Recycling: Tank tops and Headbands

Hello again!

I'm loving the Spring and the sunshine this year.  I know you are too!  If you're feeling inspired to get out and exercise, but are short on fun workout gear, check out these fun tutorials to get you ready to work up a sweat in the sunshine!

Spring cleaning means I ended up with a stack of t-shirts that were tired and in great need of a makeover.  Check out this great tutorial from ESPN (of all places) for turning t-shirts into workout tank tops:

I love this!! I had to try on each t-shirt after making the initial cuts to tweak the straps or neckline, but it's a great place to start. :-)  

Here are some different things to try to spice up your tanks:
I sewed a "tube" of knit fabric around the straps, with right sides together, then flipped it inside out, and - Tadaa!

If you have your tank tops, you need some fun new accessories to complete the look!  Use more t-shirts or any jersey knit fabric to make these!

Now go clean out your closets and have fun!

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