Monday, April 13, 2015

DIY Embellished Chair Cushions

Hello everyone!

A small-scale home improvement project happened in the Sutton house this week.  After years of numb backsides with each meal, I finally got around to making some seat cushions for our kitchen table chairs.

Here is one of our wooden chairs:
Nice and sturdy.... but not so cozy. 

Since our 4 chairs aren't all the same, I have been looking for a way to unify them. I've been toying with the idea of refinishing these chairs for a while, but I decided to incorporate a little pattern and fun into the cushions.  I think this makes them look a little more intentional rather than the hodge-podge collection that they actually are. :)

I read a lot of existing tutorials, and this one was my favorite by PrettyPrudent:

I love the embellishments she added to the cushions. :)  
I made a few changes, but I used her dimensions and technique for creating the cushion covers.

Here is what I came up with:

I found a fun patterned upholstery fabric at Jo-Ann Fabric

cut the foam and fabric to the measurements from the tutorial.
*An electric serrated knife made cutting the foam SO easy... and therapeutic. :)

I wanted to accentuate the triangles and add just a little color, without making the pattern too busy. 
I decided to use a running stitch to outline one triangle on each cushion.

Since we put a good bit of wear on our cushions, I used upholstery thread in the construction of the cushions. (I also used a straight stitch rather than a zig-zag stitch.)

After the cushion covers were sewn and stuffed, I went ahead and sewed them closed by hand with a whip stitch.  
*We have broken/torn cushion ties on more than one occasion.  Maybe we're aggressive sitters?  I don't know why it happens, but I decided to save myself the heartache of them ripping out and just avoid them all together.

Rather than the cushion ties, I used self-adhesive (no-sew) velcro to secure the cushions to the chairs.
*Note: Please read the instructions on the velcro and make sure it is meant to be used with fabric.  I was a little hasty with my purchase, but you can avoid my mistake! :)  Check out this velcro as an option for you. :) 

So far, so good!  We may just linger at the dinner table a little longer these days! 

Have a wonderful week!

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