Friday, January 9, 2015

Patchwork Camera Neck Strap and Wristlet Strap

Hello lovely people!

This Christmas, one of my biggest goals was to use things I had in my craft stash and around the house to make fun new things for the wonderful people on my list.  This week's project was one of those that met that goal!  It is possible! :)

So, some of you may know my super fantastic, photographer-sister, Maria.  If you don't know her, let me know, and I'll make the introduction. :)  Anyways, I get to "assist" her on photo shoots now and then, and I decided she could use an upgrade for her camera strap.  I had also seen some really cool hand straps on Etsy, and wanted to try to make one too.

I found a great tutorial on Pinterest for a patchwork camera strap that I want to share with you.  I've had an itch to try quilting lately, so this was a great way for me to experiment with patchwork on a small scale and go through my stash of fabric scraps!

So, here we go!

Please check out this tutorial from WeAllSew:


I LOVED this tutorial and didn't change anything when I made my own!  I used clasps and triangle-shaped D rings that I had at home.  It's important to make sure the hardware you use will fit your camera! 

Here are some pictures of how l worked my way through the tutorial:

I used hardware from a random strap I found in my craft closet. (...And this is why I never throw anything away.) ;)  The clips were too big for the attachments on the camera, so I  used some key rings as well.  The key rings can attach to the camera, and the hooks from the strap can clip into the key ring. 

The hardware after cutting it off of the easel strap.

This buckle makes the strap adjustable.  I cut the strap to remove the buckle too. :)

Fabric scraps for the camera strap

Cut your fabric, according to the tutorial, based on the width of your D-ring.

Creating the pattern for the patchwork!

After sewing pieces together (right side)

After sewing pieces together (wrong side)

Iron the seams flat

Fold the long strap in half, right sides together.

Now, take your time, and turn this "tube" inside out!

Feed the strap through the buckle, thread the D-ring over one end and sew that end closed around the sliding bar in the buckle.

Now sew the other end closed around the second D-ring.


Once that strap was finished, I wanted to try a wristlet strap using the same technique.  Sometimes Maria shoots with two cameras, so I thought it might be nice to have some strap variety. ;)  Here are some examples I found on Pinterest:

Just think of this as a shorter, non-adjustable version of the neck strap.  

I made the strap a little wider and used some embroidery to personalize it.  
Rather than making one long strap to fold in half and turn inside-out, I  did some patchwork for the outside piece and a solid piece for the back.

Sewing the patchwork for the outside piece of the strap.

Front and back pieces, before sewing.  Adjust the length based on the size of your hand.  Your hand will have to slide through this strap easily.  I ended up adding a little length to this strap, so spend a little time measuring your hand so that you have a comfortable wristlet.

Using a backstitch, I used embroidery to add a monogram.

Place right sides together.

Sew along both long sides, then turn inside out.

Ironed and ready for the closure!

Since this strap will just attach to one side of the camera, you'll sew both ends together around a D ring (or similar hardware).

I tucked the raw edges of each end in, slid a key ring, (I didn't have another D-ring), onto one side, then tucked one end into the other, and sewed them closed. (Sorry!  Somehow I just neglected to take a picture of that step!)


Here are both completed straps!

Thanks for reading!

PS- Once I finished this product with only minor disasters, (there is always at least one disaster), the itch to try quilting and patchwork only intensified!  I have so much respect for quilters now... whoa.  :)  But anyways, here are some more patchwork ideas:

Kid's quilt with flannel and Marvel printed fabric

Patchwork adjustable guitar strap made with fabric scraps and batting.  I found an  Etsy shop that sold the strap hardware, so all I needed to do was make the strap then attach the hardware (like the camera strap.)  If you want details to make your own, let me know!

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