Friday, June 20, 2014

Paper on canvas = Art!

Hello again!

Today, we're pulling out the Mod Podge one last time.  (For now, at least.) :)
This time, we're making art on a canvas. :)

The queen of paper on canvas in my world is a certain Dr. Christina....

Please also note the ridiculously cute paper garland she made... sheesh.  ;)

Here are some other cool examples from Pinterest:

So, we're going to try to make something fun too!

The great thing about using paper is you can trace and cut any shape you want... no paintbrush necessary... and you'll have instant art!

-Canvas (any size you want!)
-Acrylic paint or spray paint
-Glue stick (optional)
-Mod Podge

First, you just need to decide what you want your project to look like.  Do you want a flower, specific shape, text, abstract colors?  Whatever you want!
I decided to look for fun paper and take my cue from the colors and patterns:

For my project, I also knew I wanted to make something with a verse from Galatians 5.  I have been (and probably always will be) needing the reminder of what true freedom is.  I'm definitely a visual learner, so artwork is a great way for me to learn and remember scripture. :)

Next, I had to figure out how to incorporate the paper.  I  have a deep love for triangles lately, so I wanted to incorporate some to the canvas as a border.

I first decided on the size of the triangles, and then started cutting.

I also wanted some of the wording in paper, so I traced and cut the letters.

Once you have all of your shapes cut, you can prep your canvas.
If you want a solid color background, the easiest thing to do is spray paint it.  I wanted some color variation, so I used a few colors of acrylic paint and brushed it onto the canvas.

Once the paint is dry, glue on the paper.  You can use the Mod Podge to glue the paper to the canvas, or you can just use a glue stick.

Once your paper is glued, you're ready to apply the Mod Podge on top!  I wanted to paint the verse, but you certainly can skip any painting depending on your design!

When you're ready to apply the Mod Podge, take a deep breath.  You may see some of the paper start to bubble up, but try not to freak out.  When the Mod Podge dries, most of the bubbles will be gone.  It's ok to try to smooth them out, but I promise it will smooth out a bit as it dries.

I applied several coats to the whole canvas.

Once it dries completely, you're done!  You could make a lot of these really quickly--- gifts, home decorations, you name it.  You could easily make a monogram for someone (or yourself) by tracing, cutting, gluing, adding some Mod Podge and, voila!

You truly have endless possibilities here!  Just let loose and have fun!.... and be sure to leave a window open.  Mod Podge is kind of stinky. :)

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