Friday, May 2, 2014

Cleaning up the scraps: Fabric Button Earrings

Happy May, everyone!

I don't know about you, but I'm so ready to say good-bye to the "April showers" and say Hello! to some "May flowers!"

So, in order to get outside and soak in as much sunshine as possible, we're going to do a quick, (but awesome!), craft today!

We spent April at our sewing machines, so now it's time to experiment with uses for our "scraps." :)

Today, we'll be making:

These are so stinking cute, and they make fantastic gifts! (Know any graduates or teachers who made your life a little brighter?  Maybe they need some earrings!)

Materials you'll need:
-Scrap fabric of your choosing
-Cover button kit (You can find these at just about any craft store with sewing supplies, with supplies to make buttons of all sizes.  I used 1/2" buttons.) (Check out this kit from Joann Fabrics.)
-Needle nose pliers
-Jewelry glue or hot glue
-Stud earrings and backs (I found some like these at Hobby Lobby )

The Cover button kits look like this:
You can buy refill kits as well, like this:

*Note: For the fabric, you can use anything, but fabrics with small patterns work really well!
**(I have to give a huge shout-out to the craftiest woman I know who inspired this project and gave me tons of fun fabric!  Thanks Rebecca!!)

Ok, once you've picked your fabric, turn over the "cover button kit" package, and you will see a circle that says "Button Pattern."

Cut out the circle, and you have the template for your button.

Decide what part of the fabric you want to feature on the earring, and cut out a circle using your pattern and some sharp little scissors. Repeat for your other earring.  (Remember, it's ok if your earrings are a little different!)

Next, push the fabric into the white plastic button mold, trying to keep it centered.

Now, put the rounded button piece into the mold, after the fabric.  Make sure you have roughly the same amount of fabric all the way around the button.

At this point, I use needle nose pliers to remove the little hook on the back of the back button piece.  I just squeeze the hook, and they pop out pretty easily.

Ok, now just tuck in the fabric edges and place the button back in the center.

Pull out the little blue button "pusher."  This may take a couple of tries, but use your thumbs to press the "pusher" in until you hear the button back "click" into place.
Sometimes I have to pop the back of the button out a couple of times if I don't push it directly into the center.

Ok!  Push on the bottom of the mold to release your lovely new button!

Cute, huh?

Now, all you need to do is glue it to the stud earring post.

I've used jewelry glue (basically super glue), and it works beautifully.  However, I've also used hot glue, and I think it holds just as well!  If you happen to be excessively hard on your earrings, maybe you should opt for the jewelry glue/super glue. :)

Glue, and.....


So cute! (And super inexpensive!)

(Note: I do not recommend trying to take pictures of your own ear.  It may cause neck strain and self-consciousness.  Ears are weird.)

Now you have tons of buttons and stud earrings leftover.... so, I guess you need to make a few more!


.... and please, act surprised if I give you these for Christmas! ;)

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