Monday, February 16, 2015

Picture Frame Front Door Decor


After Christmas, I always feel like the house is a little sparse.  You know, no lights, greenery or jingle bells... kind of sad, right?  It is for me anyways. :)

So, since it isn't quite Spring yet, I wanted to come up with some options to liven up the entry way that could work in any season.  I found some old frames that I couldn't use inside the house and decided to scan Pinterest for some frame/wreath ideas.  
Here are a couple of ideas I found!

This project was absolutely trial and error.  I'll show you the different versions I came up with along the way to the final product.

First, I started with a frame.

 I decided to dress up the frame with a happy greeting. :)

I made small bunting by cutting out small rectangles of burlap.  I used acrylic paint and foam stamps to write "HELLO."

Next I made a little "rope" by braiding some strips of scrap fabric together, knotting both ends.

I used hot glue to attach the bunting to the fabric, and then I glued the fabric to the frame.

I used scissors to help press the burlap onto the fabric-- I'm not into crafting injuries.

Next I made some rolled fabric flowers and loopy flowers and attached to the frame. 

You could hang this frame, as is, on your door or in your entryway!

I tried it for a while, but it seemed a little small for the space to me, so I decided to keep working.

The first thing I tried was to decorate another frame using an "S" for a monogram and stamped burlap to make our house number.

I used a chipboard letter from home that needed a makeover.  I wrapped it with twine and used hot glue sporadically to secure it. 

I cut more rectangles of burlap, like with the last frame, and stamped the numbers for our address.
Next, I glued the letter to the frame and added some more of the fabric flowers to the letter and the frame.

I tried hanging both frames outside for a while...

Nothing was quite working like I had hoped, and I worried that the wind would carry the light frames away.  At the very least, I knew they would make a lot of noise when the wind blew.

I decided to attach one frame and the "S" to a twiggy wreath to simplify the decorating and make one substantial piece rather than two small ones.

I used hot glue to attach them to the wreath.
First, I tried with both frames:

I didn't like either of those options, so I decided to go with just one!

Now it's ready to hang!

Don't let the winter blues get you down--- just make something colorful! :) Have fun!

Thanks for reading-- have a lovely weekend!

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