Friday, December 19, 2014

DIY Christmas Stocking Tutorials

Hello everyone!

Well, Christmas is less than one week away!  Preparations and celebrations are in full-swing here in Sutton-land! If you're like me, it is so easy to get overwhelmed this time of year.  ... so many ideas, so many possibilities, so many people you want to love well.... it can get out of hand for me sometimes.  This year I really wanted to try to scale back, get some things done early and spend the majority of my time making sweet memories with my husband, family and friends.  What does anyone really remember, anyways?  The perfect gift you gave which was wrapped perfectly with coordinated paper and ribbon or the time you shared making cookies, looking at lights or watching Elf?  (#smilingismyfavorite)

Anyways, you get the idea.  I write that to explain why I'm not making a start-to-finish craft this week... or next week!  I'm busy making hot chocolate and cutting snowflakes.  :)  I did have some last minute little projects to do; so, in case you have stockings on your list too, here are some great resources for you!  I love stockings, and there are so many great ways to make them!  You can make them for themed gifts or for your own mantle... why not make a stocking out of terry cloth or an old (but still pretty) towel and fill it with bath salts/bubbles/etc?  Or maybe use a kitchen towel and fill it with kitchen tools or baking mixes?  Get creative, and if anyone is left on your list, consider a stocking!

The tutorials that each of these blogs put together were really helpful for me, so I wanted to share them with you!  It's pretty quick and simple to make something really cute and personalized. :)

The first collection of tutorials was compiled by ChickenScratchNY blog:


Here is another great collection of tutorials from FlamingoToes blog:


Here is one last tutorial from PrudentBaby blog:



Here is the little stocking I made this week (using the PrudentBaby tutorial) for a sweet little gal with some scrap Christmas fabric and scrap flannel for the lining:

 Merry Christmas to you in advance!  Thank you for reading along with me this year!  Enjoy your time with the special people you love!

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