Wednesday, November 26, 2014

DIY Felt Pumpkin Pie Ornament :)

Hello fellow crafters!

I had originally intended on taking this Thanksgiving week off from blogging.... but then Pinterest and my love of pumpkin pie collided.....

See?  How cute is that??? 

So, to continue with our ornament theme for the month, I decided to make an ornament to honor my love of felt food and pumpkin pie! (This would be so cute for anyone who loves pumpkin pie, (like, a lot), or anyone who has a "sweets" tree with other dessert ornaments!)

Here is what you'll need:
-Orange felt (or whatever color pie you want!)
-Tan felt for crust
-White felt for whipped cream
-Polyfil stuffing
-Embroidery thread/needle
-Cardstock, ruler, and scissors for making templates
-Fabric marker
-Yarn/ribbon for hanging

Here we go!

First, create your template.  Look at the picture below for the dimensions and shapes I used to create the pie. (I still don't know how to attach things as a PDF for you to download... sorry!)

Note that there is one piece of felt for the crust, but you will have three separate pieces for the pie filling.

(Felt cut to these dimensions will make a pie slice that fits in the palm of your hand. If you want to make a non-ornament pie slice, just use the same ratio and make it bigger!)

Now, you're ready to start assembling. First, using embroidery floss to match the felt color, join the two pie side pieces with a blanket stitch. You only need to bind one short side of the rectangles. This will make the "point" in the front of the pie slice.

Next, attach the triangle to make the top of the pie slice. You can use pins to secure one side of the slice while you stitch the other. Use a blanket stitch here as well.

**Optional: Use a backstitch to embroider the year on one side of the pie.

To attach the crust, use embroidery floss that matches the color of the "crust."  Start from the point of the slice on one side and attach the pie filling side piece to the bottom of the crust.

When you reach the back of the slice (where the crust will cover the back), fold up the felt and stitch the crust together with the remaining short side of the side piece of the filling.  Stop here and repeat on the other side of the pie slice.

Now you have a pie slice taking shape. :)  There is a pocket between the crust and pie waiting for some stuffing.  Use polyfil stuffing or spare felt to give it some shape.

I also cut a piece of chipboard in the shape of the pie slice and used it to help it keep its shape/structure.  

In hindsight, it would have also been a good idea to cut chipboard to support the sides and bottom of the pie as well. 

To close up the pie and make the crust a little "wrinkly", use a running stitch and gather up the crust as you go.

Tie a knot and you're done!  I trimmed the crust and gave the crust a little more scalloped edge with scissors.

Your slice is complete!..... Well, almost.  What is pumpkin pie without whipped cream??

You can get creative and use something you have around for the whipped cream.... like a white jingle bell?

I decided to make a whipped cream dollop with felt.  There are a lot of easy to follow instructions online for making these....

Once the dollop is complete, stitch or glue it onto the pie. :)  Yum. :)

I made a smaller version of this template made from the tutorial's instructions to fit the pie slice better.  Just play with the dimensions to fit your slice. 

To hang the ornament, I used yarn (with the help of a yarn needle) and threaded it under two of the running stitches on the back of the pie crust.  Tie a knot, and you're ready to hang!!

So cute!

I had so much fun making this little slice of deliciousness!  Too much fun, in fact. :)  So, if anyone happens to be in the market for a pumpkin pie slice ornament this year, please reach out--I'm happy to make more! ;)

Thanks for reading!  Go have some fun with felt, and have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

In fact, if you're heading to the Turkey Trot in Charlotte, you should probably use some of that felt to make some sweet wearable turkeys! ;)

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